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Sharing Experiential Truth

Owei knew from early on that One wanted to be One again. One has been lucky to have been inspired by a number of guides who had a beneficial influence, through positive or negative example. One loves to pass on One's love of Self-Inquiry to the keen seeker.

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Exploring the Unknown

June 10, 2028

What is more unknown to most people than themselves ? Who can actually confidently and comfortably respond when inquiring : WHO AM I ?

Empty School Desks And Chairs

Learning by Un-Doing

June 10, 2028

Un-Doing one's accumulation of habits, preconceived ideas, borrowed opinions and beliefs etc...

VdG VIBLE Cover Streetlib Opus 1V1 Paperback Tao of Lao-Tzu 133x203 21 Sept 2019 Final cop

Vible Opus 1 - Tao Of Lao-Tzu

Sept 21, 2019

The Eternal Wisdom of the Tao, re-interpreted by VdG in light of the great Masters understanding of the TAO in the past 2,500 years...

VIBLE Opus1v2 Cover Tao of Lao-Tzu paperback 135x208 12 Oct 2019 copy.jpg

Vible 2 - Tao of Thomas

March 21, 2021

The greatest citations of Jeshua Bin Joseph as reported by his brother/disciple/apostle (twin?) Thomas "Didymus"...

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